Opnunarteiti 8. desember milli kl. 11 og 19!
Opnunarteiti 8. desember milli kl. 11 og 19!
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Bonne Maison

LE BON FIL (THE RIGHT YARN) We have selected high quality Egyptian cotton spun in Italy. Our socks are double thread knitted for an optimal strenght.

LES BONNES COULEURS (THE RIGHT COLORS) Our color scales are drawn up with care for each collection. The yarn dyeing is done especially for Bonne Maison.

LES BONS MOTIFS (THE RIGHT PATTERNS) Our fine gauge allows us to bring a high accuracy and refinement to our different patterns. Socks of corresponding patterns and designs are presented in arrangements of 12.

LE BON SAVOIR FAIRE (THE RIGHT KNOW-HOW) Thank to the ‘savoir-faire’ of one particular French manufacter, whose business we have supported and invested in by providing sock-knitting machines, we have been able to develop high quality socks and keep production in France.